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Ameridrives International
Ameriflex® Diaphragm Couplings; Amerigear® Gear Couplings; Amerigear® Mill Spindles; Americardan Universal Joints
Electromotive Systems
Variable Frequency Drive Controls; Flux Vector Controls; Radio Controls; Collision Avoidance Systems; Anti-Swing Systems
Falk Corporation
Flexible Shaft Couplings Gear, Grid, Torus, Disc, WrapFlex; Geareducers Worm, Helical, Helical/Worm, Bevel; Backstops; Fluid Couplings
Fluidrive (Canada) Limited
Fluid Couplings: Traction Fluid Couplings, FST Scoop Trimming Variable-Filling Fluid Couplings, SCR Scoop Control Variable-Filling Fluid Couplings, SCR Variable-Speed Fluid Coupling; FCU Constant-Filling Fluid Coupling
Self-Lubricating Bushings; Self-Lubricating Bearings; High-Temperature Bearings
Urethane Shock Absorbers
Industrial Shock Absorbers; Elastomeric Springs; Fluid Dampeners
Johnson Power
Universal Joints; Constant Velocity Joints
Kabelschlepp America Inc.
Cable Carriers; Hose Carriers
Industrial Shock Absorbers; Gas Springs
MidWest Brake
Clutches; Press Brakes; Press Clutch/Brakes; Electromagnetic Brakes; FrictionComponents
Mondel Engineering Limited
Brakes - Drum Type; Brakes - Caliper Type; Brake Control Units
R&M Materials Handling Inc.
Wire Rope Hoists; Chain Hoists; Crane Components; Crane Kits
Reuland Electric Company
  • Electric Motors:
    • A.C. Continuous Duty
    • Crane & Hoist
    • Torque
    • High Speed
    • Multi-Speed
    • Wafer Thin (Pancake)
    • Hydraulic Pump
    • Permanent Magnet
    • Variable Frequency
    • Flux Vector
    • Water-Cooled
    • Oil-Cooled

  • Motoreducers:
    • Worm
    • Helical
    • Worm/Helical

  • Pump Adapters
  • Elastomeric Flexible Couplings
  • Soft Start Controls
  • Fluid Couplings
  • Electro-magnetic Brakes
Ringfeder Corp.
Shaft/Hub Locking Assemblies (Internal and External) Locking Elements; Ring Springs; Flexible Couplings: Rubber, Disc and Engine Flywheel; Torque Overload Clutches
Freewheel: Overrunning, Indexing, Backstops, Irreversible Clutches; Friction Clutches and Flexible Couplings