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JBL MACHINE-TECH is always just a phone call away for an assessment of the equipment you currently have.

After time, equipment can begin to lack performance, thus decreasing productivity. Should you have an older piece of equipment, and would like to have an idea of what costs are involved to update its components, our engineering department can put together a report and package for your convenience. We also inspect newer equipment, as well as 'de-bug' new installations of equipment, to have it perform at its optimum.


Many customers take advantage of our 'rebuilding and refurbishing' service. Equipment that has stood the test of time and has begun to breakdown regularly, or machinery that has started to corrode or entire hydraulics and electrical systems are failing can be transported to our primary plant in Quebec.

At this location we are equipped to completely dismantle, inspect, clean, and rebuild machinery or filtration equipment. Once completed, the machinery is tested and inspected a second time to ensure that all components are functioning correctly.

JBL MACHINE-TECH prepares all transport arrangements, customs documents (if applicable), and the equipment arrives on site, in a timely manner, and looking and functioning like a new piece of equipment. Guarantees on workmanship and on replacement parts are available depending on the severity of the original condition of the equipment, as well as, operating conditions.

Servicing Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa for industrial, construction, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical machinery and equipment repair, installation, inspection, maintenance, delivery, relocation, replacement parts and custom fabrication.