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JBL Machine-Tech Company Profile

JBL MACHINE-TECH (also known as JBL Industries) was incorporated in Canada in 1993 with a goal to revolutionize the industrial machinery industry. Already carrying more than 30 years experience in machine maintenance, repair, and custom building, JBL MACHINE-TECH began operating with the assumption that not all equipment is made the same. Although a certain piece of equipment may carry the same brand name, as well as a matching model number as another, the difference in the two machines comes from the individuals running them.

Our knowledge in fields such as electrical, mechanical, hydraulics and pneumatics allows us to repair and subsequently maintain the equipment on a determined schedule.

As our customer base expanded, the demand for industrial maintenance increased. JBL was there to meet the demand.With preventative maintenance programs implemented, unexpected shutdowns and halts in production are avoided, saving time and money, and allowing our clients to establish production schedules of their own without having to allocate time for breakdowns.

Being a fully automated machine shop, JBL MACHINE-TECH can custom make parts for all types of machinery, no matter the brand name or the size of the equipment. By fabricating and machining our own parts, we are able to minimize the cost of fabrication, avoid middle - men, and subsequently pass the savings on to our customers. JBL MACHINE-TECH custom manufactures machinery to suit client's needs. Once the design is completed, JBL assumes responsibility for overall project completion based on the agreed specifications. The equipment is delivered and installed, ready for operation.

In 2002, company growth was phenomenal. Our client base was expanding rapidly, and we felt that a quality control plan needed to be implemented to ensure the quality of parts, and service was maintained as reputable as it had become. JBL MACHINE-TECH has begun to implement the ISO 9000-2001 quality standards program to accentuate the high standards already enforced internally. Following the ISO standards program will allow us to control any non-conformity that may occur in large-scale production. It will ensure that non-conformities are traced back to the source of the error, and take corrective measures to prevent a relapse.

In May of that year, we were very proud to announce that JBL MACHINE-TECH was awarded the Accolades Small & Medium Business of the Year award. The award recognizes local companies who excel in their field by offering outstanding products and services. 
JBL MACHINE-TECH continues to exceed their customers  expectations today and will for years to come with their innovative products and their outstanding record of service.

Servicing Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa for industrial, construction, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical machinery and equipment repair, installation, inspection, maintenance, delivery, relocation, replacement parts and custom fabrication.